Welcome to Myth at War.

What will you need?

This first Box of Myths at War contains 300 cards split between the Nordic, Egyptian and Japanese mythologies, 30 tokens and one rule book. 

Now what?

If you just bought a MaW deck you probably have many strange cards in front of you and you are wondering: Now what?

First of all, you can separate the cards by types. You can find more details of the types in your rule book. 

Now you must choose a mythology, you can flip through the cards and see which characters or mechanical you like best. 

Each player in Myths at War needs to build his own deck of at least 51 cards (1 pantheon / 20 gods / 30 designs) of his choice, and each expansion increases the diversity of characters, actions and strategies you can use in order to achieve victory but all expansions can be played on his own.

Now you can try to build your own deck or use some basic deck from our forum.

How to play? 

Place your Pantheon in front of you and take as many tokens as stated on your Pantheon. Shuffle your Gods deck and set the cards one by one from left to right into 4 face-down piles which become the oracles; now, shuffle your Designs Deck and draw 5 cards. 

Now you must offer between 1 or 4 tokens to your opponent, the player who offered the most tokens decides who the active player is. 

If you are the active player, reveal your oracles and prepare to the battle. 

Download our Rulebook here and find some tips here.