The Game

Myths at War, first published as Guerra de Mitos, is a card game set in a fantastic world where different mythologies coexist. It is a different, dynamic game designed to be able to build different decks with very distinct and varied strategies, and each expansion increases both the number of available mythologies and the game possibilities.

This first installment of Myths at War contains 300 cards split between the Nordic, Egyptian and Japanese mythologies (GDMI+GDM3 spanish editions). Each mythology includes two pantheons (cards that define your game strategy) + cards for the gods deck (which includes characters, events and resources) + cards for the designs deck (actions, equipment and summonings).

Each player in Myths at War needs to build his own deck of at least 51 cards (1 pantheon / 20 gods / 30 designs) of his choice, and each expansion increases the diversity of characters, actions and strategies you can use in order to achieve victory but all expansions can be played on his own.

During the game, each player has to bring into play the cards his oracles offer him and play actions from the designs deck both in the influence phase (where the gods plan from their pantheon) and in the confrontation phase (where the characters who decide to go to battle fight to decrease the opponent’s power) to obtain supremacy or consign the opponent to oblivion.


Myth at War 
Game designerFrancisco Gallego
Coordination: María Pérez, Francisco Gallego.
Collaboration: María Pérez , Jorge Poderoso, Diego Castillejo, PortalDeJuegos, 
Illustrators: Héctor Herrera, Toni Micol, Laura Almagro, Carles Hernández, Asier Del Rosal, Jonathan Pérez, Dante Alarido,  Marina Polo, Ramón Romero, Irene Medina,  Martí  Capellas, Irene Paz,  Sheila Moreno, Dramian corvus, Alba Aragón, Miguel Vico, Ramsés Bosque, Kurai Sawada, Kuro Astarte, Anna Rico, Ian Hernaiz Borsten, Laia López, Juan Fernando Castro, Abraham Gimenez, Roberto Pico, Germán Carratalà, Jordi Arnaiz, Susana Conde, David Casares, Red Lotus, Liran Szeiman, Siscu Bellido, Chechu Nieto y Javier Santamaría, Marc Simó.
Beta testers: Franky Lara, Pedro Rebolledo, Cristian Monfort, Linus Garriga, Ian Hernaiz Borsten, Abraham Gimenez, Diego Mascarell, Jorge Alba, María Perez y Francisco Gallego.

Storyline:  María Perez, Marcos Dacosta, Marc Gómez, Toni Ranchal, Francisco Rodríguez, LaAnjanaBrenna, Oriol Villanueva, Fernando Arsuaga, Antonio Montenegro, Franky Lara, Tony Hudd,  Xavier Villalba, Marc Simó, Pedro Rebolledo.  
Tony Ruiz